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Unique customer experiences through hyper-personalized communication 

A new ERA of communication


through personalized content and interaction modules


through unique customer experiences and recognizable relevance


by tracking and optimization without cookies

After companies have invested millions in data analytics, CRM and marketing automation, hardly anything has changed in the customer experience sector. The coming era is that of content. Join us!

Ralf PispersCEO & Founder, PBM Personal Business Machine AG

Innovation in every product

The next ERA of content

The solution for all media formats and all channels of media distribution

The potential for successful customer dialogue is lost in the mass of impersonal communication measures. You can now change this with our Media Engine. By deploying personalized content with the help of our omni-channel solution, nothing stands in the way of your successful customer approach. And best of all, the Media Engine can be easily integrated into your existing systems via an API.

  • All media formats
  • All channels of media distribution
  • One personalisation engine

The solution for decentralised sales structures

Do you have several sales partners who sell your products or services to your customers? Then you know how important it is to optimise communication and coordination. Our campaign platform is the solution to help you do this. With the campaign platform, you provide your sales partners with ready-made customer journeys that they can send to their customers with just one click. You have full control over the content, target groups and budgets. You and your sales partners can also monitor the status of customers, open and processed leads and the sales already achieved at any time. With the campaign platform, you can manage your decentralized sales structures efficiently and successfully.

  • Centralised administration
  • Measurable success

The simplest and most secure solution for your data exchange

Would you like to offer your customers a digital solution that allows them to share their data with you securely and efficiently? Then the TrustITBox is exactly what you need. Our smart messenger solution works both within your company and across organizational boundaries. The TrustITBox not only fulfils the high standards of the GDPR and eIDAS, but also offers easy access and intuitive handling. You and your customers can also verify each other with digital authentication. With the TrustITBox, you can increase trust and security without sacrificing convenience.

  • 2-factor authentication
  • HW /SW encryption
  • eIDAS-compliant e-signature
  • No app / application installation

Our success in numbers


Response to awareness media (e-mail, letter, SMS)


Engagement in the digital journey (check, landing page)


Conversion (purchase, app download, advertising concent)

Marketing technology integration


Integrate our products seamlessly into your existing CRM software, with your CRM system still acting as the central platform. We enhance your CRM with innovative functions and features that enable you to equip your sales partners and their campaigns with customized media elements.

PBM x Marketing Automation

Smooth data exchange with the campaign platform provides you with valuable information for your marketing automation system to effectively equip all campaigns with suitable media components. The marketing automation platform takes care of the dispatch, while the PBM is responsible for the hyper-personalized adaptation of the media and provides you with a dashboard that gives you a comprehensive overview of all customer activities.

PBM x Standalone

We enable comprehensive and GDPR-compliant processing of your customer data. The data undergoes a special process that enables us to generate individual and customized journeys and media for you.

Recommended by our customers

In an initial reinvestment MVP at R+V, the PBM platform proved that the consistently personalized customer dialogue boosts the NPS and increases the appointment rate. The seamless interaction of physical and digital channels also accelerated lead routing and generated electronic advertising consent.

Norman BöhmHead of Product & Customer Management, Marketing, R+V Versicherung

We have been using the Personal Business Machine for 4 years for the personalized explanation of Envivas health insurance benefit statements. The explanation of the individual situation and, above all, the personalized video have significantly increased customer satisfaction. In addition, the number of telephone enquiries from customers has been reduced.

Dr. Mirko TillmannMember of the Management Board, Generali Deutschland Krankenversicherung AG and envivas Krankenversicherung AG

The PBM platform is a unique solution for creating customer experiences and cross-media customer journeys. In my view, it will become an integral part of the marketing and sales infrastructure.

Christian MachtsHead of Innovation Strategy and Fintech Europe, Fidelity International, FIL Investment Services GmbH

Together with PBM, we have embarked on a new path in actively advising our customers. In doing so, we have proactively addressed our customers with relevant information at the right time. We see this as confirmation that insured customers also prefer individual and personalized digital communication. The new technical possibilities of media preparation therefore ideally complement our personal and digital customer dialogue strategy.

Thomas BüchelDepartment Director Unfall, LVM Versicherung
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